Investor Annual Report

Each year, we work on a variety of different projects aimed at increasing efficiency and comfort for home design professionals and their clients. We believe that technology can completely change the way people live and eliminate many of the biggest problems that we deal with on a regular basis. In this annual report, we’ll cover some of our current projects and goals for the next year.


  • Streamlined toilet and shower systems for bathroom remodeling: Many modern plumbing systems are inefficient and clunky, so one of our biggest projects over the past year has been developing a streamlined system that works with a variety of different types of plumbing for a more comfortable user experience.
  • Integrated wifi products for kitchen, bathroom, and garage: Wifi access puts the world right at your fingertips, and we want to enable you to use the internet wherever you are. We’ve been working on developing a variety of different products, such as kitchen appliances and thermostats, that have wifi access to help you solve a variety of problems with a click of a button. Our goal is to make these products as streamlined as possible and give them an intuitive layout that’s easy to use.


  • One of our biggest goals for the next year is to develop a variety of problems and solutions that are space-efficient. With many urban areas growing in density, consumers are choosing to live in smaller and smaller spaces. This means that normal home products need to be downsized in order to live comfortably. We’d like to work with other technology and design companies to create home solutions that fit realistically into the small spaces that are becoming more popular these days.
  • In a similar vein, many people are looking for products and technologies that are environmentally friendly. We want to capitalize on this demand by developing solutions for common problems using environmentally friendly processes and materials. We believe that being environmentally friendly is more important now than ever with the advent of global climate change, and we believe that by developing small solutions, we can contribute to a broader improvement of our planet.

If you are interested in working with us on a new project, please contact the company for more information. We are always looking for new collaborators who can help us achieve our goals. We are also always seeking new investors, so if you are interested in supporting our vision, please contact us via phone or email to find out how.